Political Parties Make Last Minute Preparations for Election Day

Volunteers Are Making Calls, Knocking, and Asking People to Vote

Volunteers from various political parties made calls, knocked doors, and reached out to people to invite them out to vote November 8th.

Members of both the Republican and Democratic Parties say the stakes are high for this year’s election, and many people across the Twin Ports feel the same, with early voters coming out to vote, in numbers that almost double previous elections.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an election quite like this one before, for all of the attention that it’s been paid, at the top of the ticket in particular,” said Joan Peterson, a Volunteer for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

The Political parties are reaching out to people across the Twin Ports, directing them to poll locations, and working to convince voters who are sitting on the fence on what candidates to vote for.

“If people wake up tomorrow morning and don’t know where to go, maybe people won’t go vote,” said Peterson.

“It’s always important to be educated for any reason. You wanna understand the platform of the person you’re voting for,” said Gwen Theien, the Chair of the Douglas County Republican Party.

But most importantly, volunteers from both parties are reminding people that no matter who they vote for, their voices matter.

“It’s always important for people to come out and vote. That is one of the very basic rights we have in this country,” said Theien.


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