Red Cliff Tribe Shares Their Experience With Authorities

Red Cliff Tribe Shares Their Experience at Standing Rock

Last night, we brought you part one of the group from Red Cliff Indian reservation making their way to Standing Rock and the message they wanted to accomplish.

In part two, Fox 21 gets a close look at what the group experienced from military and law enforcement protecting the pipeline.

As members of the Red Cliff Indian reservation made their way to Standing Rock they say that they didn’t really know what it would be like.

“All these things I’ve seen on Facebook and other social media sites, it was kind of unreal that I was going to be a part of that,”says Hayley Johyde of Red Cliff.

 They went to the bridge separating both sides and began to sing and dance. Law enforcement was also there.

“They got scared you know and all of sudden in mass the troops came up with their military vehicles and riot gear and they started telling us that we couldn’t be there and to leave,”says John Helms of Red Cliff.

“They saw our prayers as a threat,”says Lori Duffy of Red Cliff.

“It was so unnecessary to call out 4 armed vehicles 12 extra squad cars you don’t need that many people when it’s just prayers,”says Joclyn Beauliev’newago of Red Cliff.

As the crowd continues to grow more and more military and law enforcement prepare to enforce.

“There is a lot of danger, there is at one point they said be prepared they might throw the gas.”says Joclyn Beauliev’newago of Red Cliff.

“You could see the snipers lining the hills, the vehicles in the fields more cop cars coming,” says Gwen Topping of Red Cliff.

“We have pictures of the standing there with their guns with their riot gear,”says Lori Duffy of Red Cliff.

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