Fast Track Training for Red Cross Volunteers

Volunteers Con Become Disaster Action Team Trainees

The program teaches the volunteers about the mission of the red cross, and trains them to become Disaster Action Team trainees, who can work with Disaster Action Teams in the case of an emergency.

Training includes learning how to respond to emergencies, and about the resources they are able to provide to the victims, like food, shelter, and clothing. After the training, volunteers will be able to help the community when disasters, like a house fire, breakout. 

“We go over the duties of what it takes to be a fire responder in your local community, and then all the other options of volunteering within the red cross,” said Theresa Bobula, a volunteer.

The participants will also learn about preparedness programs, or programs for veterans, like the Holiday Mail for Heroes project.

“Personally I’ve always wanted to do something that gave back to the community and made a difference, and I’ve been able to do that in different ways during my career, but I want to take that extra step,” said Greg Smith.

Every year the Northern Minnesota Chapter of the Red Cross responds to more than 150 local disasters.

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