March Against Hate

A peaceful protest and march is held to end hate in Duluth

A peaceful protest and march against hate went through the streets of Duluth today. More than 100 protesters marched to stand against racism, bigotry and hate in the community.

Around 100 concerned citizens took to the streets to stand against what they view as hate, xenophobia, and racism across the country and in the Northland.

The protest is in response to last week’s presidential election.

“Donald Trump became the president and that’s real. People would like to forget that happened but our country is changed forever,” says Isaac Rothberg, one of the march organizers.

And the result, which protesters say doesn’t reflect the values or political views of their community.

“We found it important to bring out what is truly the majority and bring them out of their silence and into a more vocal role,” says Andrew Beeman, another march organizer.

Organizers say the change they would like to see has to start locally.

“If we are able to bring people together on the local level to unite against hate, to unite against inequality in all its forms, then what we can do is change politics here as well,” says Rothberg.

While they know their protest won’t change the world by itself…

“What it does is it unifies people, it moves us to action,” says Rothberg.

They hope it can make local people more politically involved.

“I’ll become more positive the more faces I see out espousing love and unity and actually getting involved in the local institutions,” says Beeman.

When they see people protesting what they believe, it encourages them about the future.

“People have realized there is discontent with the establishment, there is discontent with the current economic system and this presents an opportunity to change it,” says Rothberg.

The peaceful protest and march allowed community members to come together and focus on positive means of change.

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