Nikki’s Notebook: Racist Vandalism Investigated At Duluth School

Graffiti Appeared On Bathroom Stall

Calls for unity are coming from the Duluth School system a few days after racist graffiti appeared in one of the high schools.

The district says the vandalism was written on a bathroom wall at Denfeld High School, they say they are investigating and looking for who is responsible, and disciplinary measures will be enforced for anybody involved.

“Our schools are an image of what’s happening in the bigger community, where racism and intolerance exist in Duluth and St. Louis County,” says Annie Harala. “It bubbles up into our schools. It didn’t just bubble, it roared this week, and that’s unacceptable.”

Sunday the School Board President asked teachers and parents to talk to students about what respectful behavior is, and work toward uniting the community which includes what happens in the school hallways.

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