DOC’S Sports Bar and Grill

Food and Drink Specials For All

Duluth is booming! With a booming tourist industry and small businesses close to the area able to tap in to the millions of dollars traveling along interstate 35 year around.

In this week’s knowing your neighbor, we take you to DOC’S, a Sports Bar in Sturgeon Lake, MN.

Jimmy and Tara Kroon are smart and savvy business owners, establishing a brand where whether you’re coming or going to Duluth and on any given night you can plan on a good deal.

There’s a special every night of the week, there’s not one night that we don’t have a special.

Most notably known for their Bloody Mary’s this includes a meal in its self. We worked a long time to make it right and when we finally got it right I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that they don’t like it.

Also known for their meat platter consisting of ribs, brisket a half chicken and pulled pork, a feast that keeps you full for a few days

 “The average couple of four can eat it and bring home a couple of snacks, that way you got something to go home with,” says Jimmy.

All their food is at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

“A lot of local people around here can’t afford a huge steak thing or huge expensive menu so we try to price it so that anyone can go,” says Jimmy.

Great food and homemade drinks makes docs a great place to stop by, and if you’re asking yourself if it is a place worth the stop, they say you should because,

“Because were great people why wouldn’t you stop,” says Jimmy.

Great people that could use the Vikings slump to come to an end.

 “I just want the Vikings to win a little more,” says Tara.

“We need them to win a little more. A winning team brings a great crowd; a losing team is like everyone is out picking leaves in their yard,” says Jimmy.

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