From Ceramics to Science: UROP Presentations At UMD

Undergraduate Research Display

From improvements in physical and mental health, to smarter solutions in infrastructure and energy, undergraduate research opportunity students at the University of Minnesota Duluth do it all.

The program known as UROP, provides students from a multitude of programs at UMD with the funding needed to produce original research.

On Tuesday (11/15) 36, of the nearly 50 individuals and teams involved, presented their scholarly work on a wide variety of relevant topics to staff and community members.

UMD’s new Executive Chancellor for Academic Affairs Fernando Delgado says, “So the challenge as you walk up and down, you’ll sit there and you’ll listen to a young person tell you stuff about chemistry that you as a PHD can’t quite understand, and you turn the corner and there’s an amazing project out of social work or sociology, you turn the next corner and there’s something on art history.” 

Exercise Science Senior Christine Laughlin adds, “This is a really cool opportunity, I’m super thankful for it. This has given me a huge insight into the world of research and how it works.”

UROP funds students across all 5 of UMD’s academic colleges and aims to support 50 to 60 undergraduate projects per semester.

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