Local Historical Creates Display to Honor Fire Department

Northland Uncovered: Hibbing Fire Department

Fire safety is a hot topic right now as winter weather approaches and many turn on their heat.

So, one Northland community is honoring their fire department.

The Hibbing Historical Society has put together a display showcasing the many years of the Hibbing Fire Department.

“It was about time we did something to honor them,” said curator Erica Larson.

The town of Hibbing started in 1893 and the fire department soon followed in 1894.

The fire at the Coppinger Hotel was the reason for organizing the department, but there have been other fires that will never be forgotten.

“The Memorial Building, the building that we’re in today, was the largest building on the Iron Range when it burned. It was half a million dollars and less than a decade old,” Larson explained.

Now the largest land area town in Minnesota, firefighters faced major challenges as the town quickly grew.

“They had four at a time stationed around North Hibbing, South Hibbing, you know some in between to cover that huge outlying area,” Larson said.

Some artifacts in the display are more than 100 years old, including a fire repeater.

“Each box was unique. So, whatever the repeater said, the code, they would know therefore where the fire was and which alarm box they had to go to,” Larson said.

This is all to bring the old and new together to say “thanks” to some of Hibbing’s bravest.

The Hibbing Historical Society is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or any time by appointment.

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