UWS Celebrates Having a Diverse Campus

In the last two years, there has been a 50 percent increase in international students

University of Wisconsin Superior has seen a 50 percent increase in international students over just the last two years.

For many, choosing to come to the United States for school was a scary decision to make.

Prashant Burlakoti, a student from Nepal, said “When you come to the United States you don’t know who you are going to meet, but once you come here you’re not the only one with a question mark on your face.”

A question mark written on more than 200 international students who now call UWS home.

Campus leaders tell us they work hard to recruit and welcome students from all over the world with a goal of enriching the campus environment.

Mark Maclean, the Director of International Programs, said “We have always prioritized it. We have a commitment to it. They bring so much to our campus.”

Even though these students are far from where they grew up, UWS has become a second home.

Burlakoti said, “UWS will always be part of my life.”

These students also now find themselves in a country that just elected a new president.

A leadership change they are ready to embrace as they complete their studies in superior.

Burlakoti said, “I think that as an already elected president everyone should respect it and move along with it. It’s the country’s future you can’t do anything about it.”

International students are here studying a wide variety of career fields and more and more of these students are staying in the area to work after they graduate, contributing greatly to the diversity of the region’s workforce.

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