Winter Weather Is On The Way

Are You Ready For The Storm?

This abnormally warm fall we’re having might be over before you know it as a winter storm lingers to our West.

As some begin their vacation travel here in the Northland, it’s time to get ready for what Mother Nature has in store for us this weekend.

All should keep an eye on this storm because it seems to have a mind of its own so far, most have enjoyed the third warmest fall on record up to this point, but as fall looks to be tapering off with this weekend’s storm, lots are were out bracing for the first winter storm of the season.

If you’re looking for signs of a snow storm approaching our area you could almost find them on any corner.

 “I hope they’ve got their stuff ready, tuned up and ready to go,” says Karl Freeberg, owner of a small engine repair business in Superior.

The snow blowers are going fast

“I just sold one before you walked in here,” says Freeberg.

The forecast suggest that most of the viewing area will see some accumulating snow, how much? We’ll just have wait and see. But you shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

“I sold five in one day, that’s about what I carry on hand and they were all gone right away. I’m guessing they’ll sell this week for sure,” says Freeberg.

Some have begun to take notice of the storm as business at Thatcher’s Tires in Superior has begun to pick up.

“Phone has been ring pretty relentlessly all day so we’ve been having a lot of people starting to take action now,” Says Jay Thatcher, owner of Thatcher Tires in Superior.

Your snow plow to get you out of the drive way and your nice new tires to get you on the road, the roads that Minnesota department of transportation prepare for safe travel.

“Oh everything is ready, the trucks are ready, the plows are dismounted right now but we watch the forecast constantly so if it looks like there’s going to be weather in the forecast plows will go on and the troops are ready.” Says Chris Cheney, District 1 Maintenance Superintendent.

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