CHUM Needs Your Help With Warm Supplies

Cold Weather Set To Return This Weekend

As the snow and cold inches closer Duluth’s homeless shelter needs your help stocking up.

 One CHUM employee told FOX 21 earlier Wednesday that she thinks the warm temperatures that we’ve been seeing has put helping those in need during the cold winter months on the back burner.

Supplies are needed year round, the next few days will be vital to replenish stock at CHUM before the cold air returns.

If you’re unable to donate unwanted warm materials, you could still help when you think someone is need by calling the tip line.

The CHUM tip line can be used as a resource for those who may need the help.

Even if they refuse chums services they say to keep the calls coming.

“We do get repeat calls on the same people often. I think sometimes it’s important for people to realize, that I might meet with somebody that I get a tip on today and they don’t want to do anything and we have to meet time and time again, one of the most important thigs is keep consistency with meeting with a person and kind of move them in a positive direction,” says Deb Holman of CHUM.

If you see someone who is homeless and in need of shelter this winter, please call the street outreach number at (218)-461-8505 and someone will be sent to help that person.

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