New Invention Seeks to Stop Distracted Driving

Cell Slip is a Pouch That Blocks Your Cell Signal

Distracted driving has made headlines in recent years as a leading cause of traffic accidents and traffic deaths.

While some states have laws banning the use of cell phones while driving, there are other groups finding ways to put an end to distracted driving.

“Cell Slip” is an invention from a Minnesota based entrepreneur, Mitch Bain, who brought his new technology to the Zero Deaths conference at the DECC.

“Three or four months ago – actually in July – my wife was hit by a distracted driver, with three of my kids in the car,” Bain said. “It was at that moment I knew that this needs to go forward.”

Cell Slip a pouch made out of a metal-infused fiber; when your phone is inside, it blocks your cell signal so you will receive no calls, texts, or notifications from apps.

“When you take your cell phone out you will receive all the communication you missed while driving, and it just helps you focus on the road and not your phone,” Bain said.

Cell Slip retails for less than 20 dollars, but Mitch Bain says he intends to sell them in bulk, with custom options for school or business logos.

He sees them as promotional materials that can still be used to save lives.

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