First Snow Storm of the Season Hits the Northland

Grand Rapids Sees More than 14 Inches of Snow.

A snowy white birthday wasn’t what Racheal Jenks, a resident of Grand Rapids Minnesota, wanted, but the first snow storm of the season is what she got.

“I wanna move somewhere where it’s warm all year round, preferably soon,” said Jenks.

With inches of snow on the ground in cities across the Northland, the roads are slick, visibility is low, and many who have the option, are choosing to stay indoors.

“Getting stuck does not sound like fun, finding someone to push my car, does not sound like a great time,” said Jenks.

But not everyone feels the same. Some say days like this, are what they live here for.

“I’m a big fan of the snow myself, I do snow removal in the winter time, so this is a dream for me,” said Rick Madrinich, a resident of Grand Rapids.

The harsh weather that gets some of us in the ditch, puts food on the table for others.

“Any snow increase means more money in my bank account,” said Madrinich.

So whether you love it or you hate it, Minnesota received a chilling reminder that the calendar reads late November.

“I live here  because I’m crazy,” said Madrinich. “Not many people enjoy this, I’m one of the few that do.”

Around 6,000 households in the Grand Rapids area, and 200 in Duluth and the Iron Range, experienced power outages.

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