Minnesota Power Prepared for First Winter Storm

Line crews and equipment are positioned across service territory

Minnesota Power is prepared for heavy, wet snow and high winds that are predicted for Friday into Friday night in northern Minnesota, with line crews and equipment positioned across its service territory.

Strong early winter storms often can cause power outages, and an early forecast for this storm from the National Weather Service, as allowed for timely preparations to ensure power will be restored as quickly and safely as possible, if outages occur.

A potential danger in this storm will be the many trees that were weakened by the past summer storms that ripped through the region.

Minnesota Power’s vegetation management crews worked hard though the fall to clean as many of the trees as possible to reduce the possibility of limbs falling on power lines.

Customers are urged to stay away from any trees that appear to threaten power lines to their homes, and instead, contact Minnesota Power 800-228-4966.

Here are some tips to help customers weather a winter storm:
• Keep a “Lights Out” kit in an accessible place with at least one flashlight, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries.
• Use candles or camping lanterns with caution.
• If you have a fireplace, keep matches and firewood handy so you’re prepared to build a fire to keep warm.
• Turn off televisions, stoves, microwave ovens, stereo equipment and other appliances except your refrigerator and freezer.
• Leave on at least one light so you’ll know when power has been restored.
• Please do not go near any low or downed wires as injury or death could occur.

For more “Lights Out” tips, visit: www.mnpower.com/OutageCenter/WhatToDoIfLightsGoOut

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