The Northland Braces For Snow

Many Were Out Getting Ready For The Storm

Were just hours away before the flakes start flying as the first big winter storm approaches our area

Northlanders were out today prepping, buying shovels, salt among other items before heading home for the night.

From salt trucks to salting your sidewalk, it looks like the city and its surrounding residents are ready for anything that Mother Nature throws their way.

“A lot of ammo, a lot of hunting stuff, whole lot of shovels because of the storm coming.” says Fleet Farm Cashier Breanna Symens.

Those are just three main ingredients you need while being s resident of the northland. At mills fleet farm that’s what was flying off the shelf today before the first big winter storm hits our area.

A cashier says it all happened at once.

“It was a big rush because a lot of people were getting off work so we had to call a lot of other people from departments that weren’t actually cashiers,” says Symens.

The manager a mills watches the weather closely to make sure he can fit his costumer’s needs.

“I’m kind of a weather nut and in retail that’s kind of one of things that you have to keep abreast on because you just never know customers are going to want stuff based on the weather, that’s what were in business for,” says Fleet Farm Store Manager, Paul Erickson

Others watch the forecast and realize they may not be as prepared as they want to be.

 “I only have a little one in my car right now; it’s about what like a foot? So bought time to get a bigger one” says Resident Jordyn Kirk.

Snow plows and salt trucks will surely be present tomorrow as conditions worsen. If you’re traveling and come upon one, they’re there to make sure you get from a too b so give them a break.

“If you see that truck out and about it’s because it’s not safe yet so my advice would be give yourself extra time and slow down. Let us do our job and we will make the road safe,” says Fred Seger, City Duluth Maintenance Department.

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