Big Waves Hit Lake Superior Shore

25 foot waves rip through the Twin Ports

The storm brought huge waves on Lake Superior

Take a look at these near 25 foot waves crashing ashore at Canal Park near the lake walk.

Even with the bad weather, that didn’t keep some from venturing out to check them out for themselves.

 “The lake is always beautiful, this one gives it a little more character and flavor, but yeah it’s amazing to see the size of these waves coming,” says Bud Trnka of Duluth.

The waves will shrink in size by tomorrow, but will surely be present until the storm passes.

 You can bet that when there are big waves there will be surfers.

Dozens of surfers were riding the waves at Stoney Point.

The cold temps and cold water aren’t a deterrent for these guys.

They wear a thick wet suit that keeps them warm while they’re in the water

 “The technology is super gnarly and they keep you super toasty on the inside,” Says Mathias Gorden of Duluth.

 The surfers said the winter is actually the best time to catch the best waves.

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