Hieman Answers Call To Serve

Ely Senior Heading To West Point

Josh Heiman has never been afraid of hard work.

Josh Heiman remembers, “Before I even started playing football, I wanted to become a good player. I watched my brothers play, and I wanted to be better than they were, before I even started playing.”

From the football field to the classroom Josh always goes the extra yard.

Heiman adds, “I wake up everyday and I want to do something and make myself better, so I’ll whatever it takes do that.”

His efforts have paid off greatly on the gridiron.

Heiman mentions, “Three state tournaments just with the football team. There’s a pride to wear the Timberwolves jersey.”

While Ely’s collective football season may be over Josh will get to strap on his pads one more time as he heads to U.S. Bank Stadium for the state’s high school all star game.

Head Football Coach Brian Lamppa says, “This is the first time I think in school history we’ve got somebody playing in this all star game, so it’s special you know? For the school, for himself.”

Josh’s dreams are bigger than football. After his senior year he plans to attend west point Academy, to run track and fulfill his goal of being a pilot in the U.S. Army.

Heiman compares football to West Point, “Football is a grind compared to other sports, I think west point will be a grind and I think that because it’s so hard that people grow because of it, and I’ve always had that mentality that if it’s hard you grow.”

Josh’s Mother, Megan Heiman says, “He’s drawn to really wanting to be pushed in terms of his potential and to see what he’s capable of.”

Being a pilot is dream he’s had his entire life.

Heiman adds, “As long as I can remember, before I was even interested in the military I wanted to be a pilot.”

Josh’s Father, Todd Heiman says, “He certainly figures out what he wants and certainly goes for it.”

Coach Lamppa adds, “He’s got his priorities down and I think that’s what unique for a kid early in his senior year.”

Not from a traditional military family, Josh is eager to answer a higher calling to serve his country.

Heiman explains, “I want to make a difference, I want to change the world in a way that I wouldn’t be able to without West Point.”

With his senior year coming to a close Josh’s launch to life is fast approaching.

Heiman says, “Once the summer hits, I’m going to have a month where I can just workout and get ready for basic training and then yeah it will start and i don’t know what to expect from there.”

With some much change on the horizon, one thing is certain; Josh is leaving behind a lasting impact on the town he first called home.

Coach Lamppa remarks, “Kids looked up to him those 4th, 5th and 6th graders, I think in the back of their minds I hope they’re thinking that they want to become a Josh Heiman when they play football for the Ely Timberwolves.”

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