Mice Invading Homes

Northlanders try to cope with rodents

Well, it’s that time of year again. Mice are infesting homes across the Northland and people aren’t happy about it.

This fall, there have been countless reports of mice invading homes all around the Twin Ports. Residents want to know how they can prevent this rodent problem.

“It’s a state of mind that it has me on alert all the time. Every morning I get up and the first thing I do is go down and check the traps. I don’t want them here and I want them out,” says homeowner Mary Kaye Caskey.

Homeowners all over the Northland have been catching mice at much higher rates. Caught in a battle with their rodent enemies.

“I have definitely declared war but so far I have not been successful,” says Caskey.

This time of year, mice always find their way into homes.

“They sense that it’s getting cooler. They want to go to a warmer place, find shelter for the winter so they’ll go inside a home and get established,” says Brett Collier, Technical Director of Guardian Pest Solutions in Superior.

But are there really more mice this fall than in years past?

“There’s definitely some variable this year than many other years in the past because we’re getting bombarded,” says Caskey.

The experts say record breaking temperatures earlier this fall are to blame.

“A lot of people are having issues with rodents, particularly mice, because of the warmer weather and the overall better environmental conditions favorable for mice to move around,” says Collier.

So how can residents stop the rodent onslaught?

“Exclusion is the best solution and to look at the foundation, check the doorways and all the pipe areas and make sure they’re properly sealed,” says Collier.

Sealing any small hole around the base of homes is the most effective strategy.

“I am anticipating on finding the hole and yet have not found it,” says Caskey.

But when done, can help fight the rodent battle that, for many, has gotten personal.

“Yes, it’s personal. It’s the topic of dinner every night. This is a topic that has gone deep and wide,” says Caskey.

The worst times for rodents are fall and early spring, so we might have seen the worst of this invasion, for now.

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