Want to set Minnesota lawmakers’ pay? New council spot opens

New 16-person commission will be charged with determining lawmaker's pay

The state is seeking applicants to help set Minnesota lawmakers’ salary.

Governor Mark Dayton sent out the request to fill out half of a new 16-person commission charged with determining legislator pay. That commission was set in motion by a constitutional amendment that overwhelmingly passed on Election Day with over 76% of voters voting “yes.”

Lawmakers currently make just $31,000 a year and haven’t seen a raise since 1999. Dayton said Monday he believes that should be increased, but that’s not a prerequisite for commission members.

Dayton will appoint half the council, while state Supreme Court Chief Justice, Lorie Skjerven Gildea is responsible for the other half. Each political party will have equal representation and former lawmakers, lobbyists and other state officials are not allowed.

Applications can be submitted through the Secretary of State’s website.

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