Calumet To Expand Improving Operations

$30 Million To Go Into The Expansion

Calumet oil refinery in Superior is making a big splash with plans to sink 30 million dollars into an expansion project.

The community was invited to an open discussion forum to ask any question they may have about the project.

Calumet has been a staple in the Superior community for over 60 years and with this expansion they plan to stick around for a while longer.

The 30 million dollar project would improve the technology of the refinery while also improving product distribution.

 The competition continues to grow its makes projects like this necessary for the future of Calumet.

“We’ll certainly our competition constantly expanding and growing and we believe we need to look at projects like this to maintain our flexibility within the community,” says Kollin Schade of Calumet.

The planned start date is at the end of the 2017 early 2018 and will manufactory over 100 construction jobs in the next two years while costing the citizens of Superior nothing out of pocket.

Meanwhile State Senator Janet Bewley was on hand and when asked about the difference between what calumet is doing and what’s happing at the Dakota access pipeline this is what she had to say.

 “As a matter of fact it’s a good opportunity for us to be able to look at our local community as an example on how to do things right and that’s exactly what calumet is doing,” Say Bewley.

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