Duluth History Lives on at Local Cemetery

Northland Uncovered: Forest Hill Cemetery

The Zenith City honors many who helped make the town what it is today.

Many of those movers and shakers are now spending the rest of time in the same spot.

A little over 200 acres make up Forest Hill Cemetery.

“You’ll see the Alworths. We got the Alworth building downtown. So you have their parents and two of the sons and their families,” said cemetery Superintendent Jon Borden.

Congdon, Bagley and Denfeld are just a few of the other recognizable names you’ll see on headstones in the cemetery.

Borden says this brings our past together, “You have history and so do I, but it’s when you are put here that history is put into one place.”

The first burial was in 1888. Since then, it’s been a peaceful place for visitors.

“People enjoy coming to cemeteries. I got people that walk here all the time. They enjoy it,” Borden said.

The cemetery is known for its beautiful hill, but the July 21st storm had a major impact on that beautiful, peaceful presence everyone had come to know.

Throughout the burial grounds you’ll see broken branches, trees uprooted and headstones collapsed.

“There were people that said, ‘Jon here’s a few dollars to help you know just help with the cost of tree removal,'” Borden explained of the community.

This kindness proving the meaning this special place holds in the area.

“They see a seriousness in a cemetery. It has value to them because their families are here,” Borden said.

The cemetery is a non-profit, so clean up from the July storm used most of their budget for this year.

If you’d like to make a donation you can call 218-724-6743, send a check to 2516 Woodland Ave., Duluth, MN 55803, or visit their website.

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