Family and Friends Remember Nathan Gould

Nathan Gould Remembered as Caring, Compassionate and Loving

Nathan Gould was a Carlton High School student who was killed in a tragic car accident on Friday during the first snow storm of the season.

The 16–year–old was wearing his seatbelt and we’re told the driver who accidentally hit him was a family friend.

The outpouring of love and support for a teenager whose impact on his family and friends was way beyond his years of life.

At just 16-years-old Nathan left a huge mark on his friends and family.

Today, they told us their memories and what they will miss most about what they describe as a person with the sweetest soul.

Caring and kind hearted are the words that were repeatedly used to describe Nathan.

He attended Wrenshall until this past year when he decided to transfer to Carlton High School for one simple reason, he wanted to meet even more friends.

Andrea Gould, Nathan’s sister, said “Yesterday the Wrenshall teachers were saying we didn’t know he was gone. He would come and see us, his friends and his teachers. He wanted to meet more people to reach out to more people.”

His life touched people who he knew his entire life and those who he had just met.

Kaden Lindvall, Nathan’s friend, said “I only knew him for two months and he had a huge impact on all of us at Carlton, Wrenshal and Cloquet. He had so many friends. I couldn’t even imagine making that many friends in two months. He was just a great person.”

It was the little things that meant the most to the ones he loved…

Christy Gould, Nathan’s mom, said “I would put a post it note and even when he was older I would still do it and when the hospital gave me his remains inside of his wallet was the notes that I wrote. He saved them.”

Post it notes are what students at both high schools used to decorate memorials in his honor.

They’ve also colored on the desk where he sat and a couple students even got tattoos for him.

James Vick, Nathan’s brother, said “He was the kid that I looked forward to seeing after work and staying with him. Sometimes I think my friends liked him more than they liked me.”

Meanwhile, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, the Gould family wants everyone to really think about what they are thankful for.

Kyle Despot, Nathan’s friend, said “After everything it has really brought us together. You don’t know how much you care about someone until they’re gone.”

Teachers, family and friends are setting up a Nathan Gould Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be given out once a year and it will honor students of exceptional character kindness and compassion.

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