Locally Owned Johnson’s Bakery will Receive Hundreds of Orders Before Thanksgiving

Pies, Rolls, Cookies and More will Fly Off the Shelves This Week

Busy bakeries across the Northland are swamped with holiday orders before Thanksgiving meals are served on Thursday.

FOX 21 News caught up with locally owned Johnson’s Bakery in Duluth on Monday.

Lakeside Branch Manager Megan Spitzley says the day before Thanksgiving is actually the Bakery’s busiest day of the year.

She expects a few hundred orders to come in over the next three days, for things like fresh baked rolls, pies, and other assorted sweets.

Johnson’s Bakery has been sweetening up the Lakeside neighborhood for over 13 years, but all production takes place at their Lincoln Park facility.

Spitzley says you can still call in to order, or stop on by their Lakeside location at 4509 East Superior Street in Duluth.  

“Wednesday will be pretty wild in here. I usually come in about 3a.m. on that day to start packing up the orders, make sure we’re organized, and at the other store they just don’t really go home until it’s done,” said Spitzley.

The bakery will be closed on Thanksgiving, but will reopen on Black Friday, which is usually a much quieter day because of all those Thanksgiving leftovers.

“It’s just a really fun time of year, everyone is usually pretty happy and they are in the bakery, getting cookies. I have a lot of people who come; we have specialty things that folk love to stock up on,” said Spitzley.

Click here to visit the Johnson’s Bakery Facebook Page. 

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