Great Outdoors: Wreath Making

The holiday season has arrived. Christmas decorations are coming out and winter is almost here. For this week’s Great Outdoors, Andrew Kirov takes us to Boulder Lake for wreath making.

The holiday season is in the air.

“When you walk through the door, it’s like ahhh, it’s Christmas time or holiday time. It’s a nice time of year,” says John Geissler, Program Director at the Boulder lake Environmental Learning Center.

And just in time for December, around a dozen people spent a chilly day making wreaths at the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.

“It’s a good program and it gets people out in the woods enjoying, we want to get people out recreating,” says Geissler.

Each wreath maker starts by cutting their own balsam branches.

“The whole gang, we went out tromping through the woods early this morning with our loppers in hand enjoying the morning,” says wreath maker Joyce Hein.

“You have to beat the branches a bit to get that snow off and they snap off and you get that smell right away. And then you’re carrying these big balsam boughs and going through the woods, what could be better?” asks Geissler.

Then it’s back to the Learning Center to assemble their wreaths.

With each wreath, improving their skill.

“You get better every one. The first one you give away and the second you keep. It goes that way,” says Geissler.

About 60 wreaths were made and will be sold at the Boulder Lake Christmas Tree Sale on December 3rd.

“It’s fun, it’s comradery, it’s an opportunity to be out here and enjoy Boulder,” says Hein.

Now maybe you can try making a wreath of your own.

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