Snow Storm To Impact Holiday Travel

Several Inches Of Snow Exspected For Large Area Of Upper Mid West

Things seem to be running as normal for the airport but for those choosing to stay put on the ground, you may want to keep a close eye on this storm.

A second storm is set to hit a wide array of the upper mid-west making traveling a little more worrisome for thousands that are set to hit the roadways.

Some roadways still have some lingering problems to deal with.

 “It was bad yesterday, even today coming back the slush and everything on the road we were down to 30 mph,” says Les Kovas, traveler.

Travelers taking to the skis watched as planes are being deiced as they depart. For Duluth International Airport, its business as usual.

“For us around the holiday time it is really no different than any other time we always advise people to arrive about an hour & half, even though were a small airport.” Natalie Peterson of Duluth International Airport, Director of communications

Jefferson Lines have 5 buses that are completely booked. If you plan on taking the bus you need to keep a close eye on the conditions.

“If they have any kind of apprehension at all or anxiety about traveling they should call here, see what the bus schedules are doing if we are traveling or if were running late,” says Douglas Aretz, Depot Manager.

Those traveling have a goal of reaching their destination safely. It’s not like we haven’t seen something like this before.

“It does give quite a bit of concern, but I mean like, I’m kind of used to it,” says Chloe Marshal as she travels home to Canada.

Were defiantly used to it, traveling in these conditions is never easy so take your time and get there safely.

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