The Wednesday Bakery Offers Good Pastries and a Family Atmosphere

The Wednesday Bakery

A bakery with a name that makes perfect sense. The Wednesday Bakery is well, only open on Wednesdays.

Despite being open just one day a week, the owner says business is booming and they have a lot of regulars to thank for that….

Thomas Rich, the Owner, said “They are what keeps us going. We appreciate their comments good and bad and they’re like family to us.”

Family is the way Thomas Rich describes his loyal customers and the seven people he works beside at the Wednesday Bakery.

In fact, he has never once had to look very hard to find employees.

Rich said, “We are pretty much family. Everyone that works here has come to me right as I needed help. I’ve never advertised for help here.”

Fern Geegan, a seller and labeler, said “He was catering a funeral and I asked if he needed help at the bakery and he said yeah can you start tomorrow so I did.”

If the family feel isn’t enough for you, maybe the ginormous caramel rolls are.

They also sell cookies, breads and cupcakes. Everything sold here is baked fresh that day.

The bakery is open only on Wednesdays from 930 to 530.

Rich says they are thinking about possibly opening on another day too but for now, it’s only one day each week when this unique place is open for business.

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