Candy Sales Helping Local Small Business Around Holidays

Local shops expect business to increase as Christmas gets closer

Hepzibah’s Sweet Shoppe is seeing increased sales leading up to Thanksgiving and they expect business to really pick up after this weekend.

The store tells us they typically see a lot of foot traffic during the summer tourism season, but they rely on the holidays to help them get through some of the slower months.

Nearly all the chocolates and truffles the shop sells are handmade from small businesses across the state.

“We do our best at going small business and local as possible,” said John Ryde-Crane, manager at Hepzibah’s. “Our chocolates here come from central Minnesota, our truffles from St. Paul off Grand Avenue, and our fudge is made for us from a local woman who lives just across the bridge.”

Hepzibah’s is located in the DeWitt-Seitz marketplace in Canal Park.

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