Grocery Stores Busy for Thanksgiving

Stores are busy with last minute shoppers for tomorrow's holiday

As people scramble to get their Thanksgiving meal ready to serve, stores are busy with last minute shoppers.

Local grocery stores say they get about twice as much business the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Shoppers came in today for everything for their dinner, especially fresh items like dairy, fresh bread, produce, and dinner rolls.

“Holidays are always good for our business but Thanksgiving in particular because it’s such a food-centric holiday. It’s all centered around the meal and of course that’s what we do here,” says Mark Venhuizen, manager of Lakeside Super One Foods.

“We go through lots of turkeys. They come in by the palette and when they all come in you think you’re never going to go through all of them and then by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ve got none left,” says Venhuizen.

Frozen items like turkey were a more popular purchase earlier in the season.

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