Local Veterinarians Remind Northlanders of Food Dangers During the Holidays

Serious Diseases can Develop from Eating Human Food

It can be difficult to keep pets from participating in holiday traditions, but local veterinarians are reminding the Northland to keep those turkeys and all the trimmings away from your animals.  

Dr. Mike Overend from the Lake County Veterinary Clinic in Two Harbors says they start to see a pretty large spike in emergency calls during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

Pets will often gobble up a few goodies that are different from their daily diets, which can cause serious problems.

Poultry bones, like turkey or chicken, are the easiest to chip, and break when swallowed. Experts say broken bones could lead to internal cuts.

“We do know this is the time of year when we will see a significant spike in the number of cases of dogs that come in with very severe gastrointestinal disease, stomach and intestinal disease and sometimes pancreas disease,” said Dr. Overend.

If your animal begins acting abnormal, make sure to call your local veterinarian and get the issue checked out before it becomes serious or even fatal.

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