Lutsen Encourages People to ‘Opt Outside’

Millions Across The Nation are Ditching Black Friday and Playing Outside Instead

While 6 in 10 americans are busy shopping this thanksgiving weekend, Lutsen Mountain resort was buzzing with excitement, and filled with outdoors women and men who decided to opt outside.

Opt outside was originally a campaign started by REI, to encourage people to spend time outdoors.

“Last year was the first year they did it, this year they’ve had 2 and a half million people across the nation sign up and say, you know, let’s spend some time outside,” said Jim Vick, the Marketing Director at Lutsen Mountain Resort.

Lutsen resort supported the movement by offering a free day of skiing and gondola rides to encourage people to get outside for black Friday.

“It’s an experiment to give it a shot,” said Vick.

Some say they aren’t missing out at all, and that this is the best deal on black Friday.

“This is kinda like what I want to spend my money on, is I like being outside. So when I get a chance to be outside for free I’d rather do that than just buy stuff and be inside,” said Lucas Green, a skier.

And many believe making memories beats out buying things they don’t necessarily need.

“Outside is a good time, you know, more fun than shopping I think.” Eli Koski, a snowboarder.

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