Cross Country Ski Trails Still Too Bare to Ski

Ski Trails Need 9 to 12 More Inches of Snow

The snowstorm the Northland experienced earlier this month didn’t leave enough snow for most of the cross country skiing trails in Duluth.

And though many people are itching to get their skis out and hit the trails, the city can’t start grooming until the trails have at least 9 to 12 inches of snow. This means trails like the ones at Hartley Nature Center, have a little while before they can be open to the public.

“The trails are pretty bare and the grounds are pretty wet and soft because we haven’t had those freezing temperatures,” said Kaitlin Erpestad  who works at Hartley Nature Center, “And I certainly would love to be skiing tomorrow or even later today, but we’ll certainly just have to take what the weather brings, and see when that cold weather comes.”

 Trails at the Snowflake Nordic Ski Center were briefly open thanksgiving weekend,  but the warm temperatures and rain Sunday night, melted most of the snow away. So people who enjoyed skiing on the weekend, are back to waiting for more snow. 

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