K&B Drive-In Destroyed in Fire

The Fayal fire department responded to a call reporting a fire at K and B drive in, at 6:55 Sunday Morning.

When the crew arrived, the flames had died down, but the building was surrounded by smoke

“The roof already was sagging, we did a little bit of an attack from the exterior,” said Scott Smith, the Assistant Fire Chief at the Fayal Fire Department. “Shortly after that the roof did collapse to the basement.”

Fire officials say there’s not much hope in restoring the building.

“The structure is total, going to be a total loss, there’s a extensive amount of damage,” said Smith.

It’s devastating news to many people in the Northland who frequented the popular restaurant, but for Ronald J Erjavec, who built the restaurant with his own hands decades ago, it means much more than just losing a favorite eatery.

“It was built by the airport back in 56, and in 64 I had to move because the highway moved, so I bought the property and moved over here in 64,” explained Erjavec.

Erjavec owned and ran the business until selling it in the eighties, but he has fond memories of the restaurant from years ago.

“We had really wonderful customers. People coming back year after year… We were known actually, all over the country,” said Erjavec.

Some of those same customers may feel the insatiable craving for a K and B Hamburger, when they drive past the restaurant, that stood in the same spot for decades, even through owner and name changes.

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