Nikki’s Notebook: Fighting Bullying Through Dance

High School Student Performs On Dance Line

A Superior High School student is battling bullying through an after school activity.

High School freshman and Dance Team member Kaiden Johnson started taking dance classes at four-years-old, well before the word “bully” was even in his vocabulary.
He’s faced a lot of bullying, especially in middle school.

“I’ve definitely been bullied, people hating on me just because I’m doing what I like,” said Johnson. “But I’m not worrying about them.”

His mother, Miranda Lynch says as a parent it was hard to see how the bullying affected her son when he was younger.

“He got taunted and followed home from school one day after school hours,” said Lynch. “It was heartbreaking. The next day he was adamant about not going to school.”

Johnson says eventually he learned an important lesson about himself.

“Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to dance or it will remove your masculinity,” said Johnson. “It’s just dance, it’s not that big of a deal.”

His inner voice drowned out the bullies, and found he wasn’t standing up them to alone.

“I haven’t been bullied at all this high school year, girls tell me if someone bullies me, they’re going to talk to them,” said Johnson. “It’s good to know they have my back.”

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