Brazilian soccer team’s plane crashes in Columbia; 75 dead

Only 6 survivors reported

A chartered plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team to the biggest match of its history, crashed into a Colombian hillside and broke into pieces.

The crash killed 75 people, leaving only six survivors, Colombian officials said Tuesday.

The British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane, operated by a charter airline with roots in Venezuela, declared an emergency and lost radar contact, just before 10 p.m. Monday. Aviation authorities say that communication was lost due to an electrical failure on board.

The aircraft had departed from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and was carrying the up and coming Chapecoense soccer team from southern Brazil for the first leg of a two-game Copa Sudamericanan final against Atletico Nacional of Medellin.

South America’s federation canceled all scheduled matches in a show of solidarity.

A goalkeeper, Jackson Follmann; and a defender, Helio Zampier; as well as a journalist traveling with the team were among those that survived.

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