Minneapolis rally for $15 an hour wage leads to arrests

No one resisted arrest, all were immediately released

Minneapolis police have arrested nearly two-dozen protesters during a rally outside a McDonald’s restaurant, as workers push for a $15 an hour wage.

Police estimate around 130 people attended the early morning rally, Tuesday, in south Minneapolis. Police spokesman Scott Seroka says the predawn assembly was peaceful, but officers arrested 21 people. No one resisted arrest, and all were immediately released.

Fast-food employees, janitors, and other low-paid workers attended the rally. Demonstrators sat in the intersection, chanting, and waving signs, as part of a “Day of Resistance for $15 and Union Rights.”

The Star Tribune reports some Metro Transit buses were briefly rerouted.

Protesters and their supporters were heading to a Kohl’s department store in Eden Prairie. Another event was planned late Tuesday afternoon on the University of Minnesota campus.

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