City of Duluth to Receive Last Place On Earth Cash Settlement

The money comes from seizures made as part of the criminal case

At least one million dollars is headed to the City of Duluth as part of a settlement agreement.

The money comes from seizures made as part of the Last Place on Earth criminal case.

City officials tell us the settlement is a portion of what was recovered from a $6.5 million federal forfeiture order for the property and assets of Jim Carlson.

Carlson is the former Last Place on Earth owner who is jailed for selling illegal synthetic drugs out of that business in downtown Duluth.

City officials tells us the settlement dollars will be used to help the Duluth Police Department.

Dave Montgomery, the Cheif Administrator Officer, said “What we want to do is utilize it for something that really brings back to the community some benefit that tries to compensate for all of the turmoil that this community went through.”

The check will be written sometime over the next few months.

Carlson tonight remains behind bars serving a 17–year sentence.

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