Lack of Snow Slows Some Businesses

Some companies have lost business because of a lack of snow, but others have benefited.

This winter, reservations have been down at Superior Shores in Two Harbors because there’s no snow on the ground.

“We’ve struggled with this winter, we rely this time of year on the snow to bring the people,” said Jenna Pederson, co-owner of Superior Shores.

Winter is slow at the resort and with no snow-related activities, they’;ve cut staff hours until the snow flies.

“We just don’t have it right now, so there’s not much for people to do. There’s no grass, there’s no snow, so it’s affected us,” said Pederson.

However, as soon as the first flake comes, so do the calls for reservations.

“What we’ve found is that when it does snow or the forecast calls for snow people just come running,” said Pederson.

Over at Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen, things are a little sweeter this time of year.

“We don’t get a day off for 30 days,” said Dennis Matson, co-owner of Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen.

Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen also relies heavily on tourists during the summer, but need clear roads during the winter for customers to come through the door.

“A lack of snow is great for business for us, everybody can get here no problem, if there’s snow or a snowstorm, there’s nobody here,” said Matson.

Even though it may not look like Christmas outside, online orders keep the holiday rush on at the Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen.

While others like Superior Shores, hope a white Christmas comes a whole lot sooner.

“We hope for it. We wait for it. We all just sit on the edge of our seats,” said Pederson.

Both businesses said that they’re looking forward to nearby events like Bentleyville and the Julebyen Christmas Celebration in Knife River to bring in more business.

Superior Shores said they see most of their guests coming from the Twin Cities, while the Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen is currently taking many online orders from customers who have visited them over the summer months.

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