Prom for People with Special Needs Coming to Proctor

More participants and volunteers are needed for February 10th event

An opportunity for people with special needs to enjoy prom is coming to the Northland.

Night to Shine will be held on February 10th in Proctor and gives a chance for children and adults with disabilities to have an unforgettable experience. But help is needed to make this event a success.

People with special needs will have a prom all their own in Proctor. Now organizers are looking for volunteers and participants with the goal of giving them a night to shine.

The Tim Tebow Foundation partners with over 300 churches across the world to offer a night to shine to all people with disabilities age 14 and older.

“It’s not going to be the typical dance. There’s going to be something for everybody, for all of these kids to do to be comfortable,” says parent Amanda Keppers.

The event will feature music and dancing plus more toned-down activities.

“There will be a sensory room so if it gets to be too loud there’s a nice quiet space with quiet activities, we’ve got miniature golf and some other activities that are more low key and maybe some prizes involved,” says Mollie Haag, paraprofessional at Proctor.

Prom-goers will have the opportunity to feel like stars with a limo ride and red carpet experience.

“That means a lot that he gets to do something that I may not have thought he would have been able to do before,” says Keppers.

Anyone from across the region can sign up and help make this dance special.

“We’re born with different abilities and it means so much to us because we’re going to prom with our parents and we can bring anyone we want. Cousins, friends, family,” says Proctor student Carly.

And each person at the Night to Shine will be crowned a king or queen.

“I’m looking forward to being queen,” says Carly.

Again, the event is planned for February 10th at Proctor High School. To volunteer or participate, go to

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