Shopping Local At The Thunderbird Mall

Iron Ranger's Shop Local This Holiday Season

T’was the month before Christmas, and all through Thunderbird mall, there was stores stacked with gifts for those big and small.

Assistant manager at Tradehome Shoes Evan Burchell says, “Who doesn’t love decorations? It make the place pop a little more and make it feel a little more festive.”

Mall shopper Melissa Crowe adds, “You get that warm Christmasy feeling, listen to all the music the stores play, everyone seem extra friendly at Christmas.”

The sale signs were all hung by store entrances with care in hopes that local shoppers would soon be there.

Crowe explains, “I know a lot of people go online but it’s nice to actually get it, wrap it and put it under the tree, I don’t feel like i can’t check things off my list unless i have it.”

The patrons all bundled from their toes to their head, in search of great gifts they could find without dread.

Burchell says, “They’re trying to find gift ideas, you’re trying to help people get the cool shoes their kids are going to want.”

With some stores that sparkle and others that glow all with local faces and prices nice and low.

Crowe explains, “Shopping online you’re alone. That’s not fun, you’re just sitting there shopping online, it’s not like you have a buddy next to you on their computer.”

Burchell adds, “Having people shop locally is what is really going to bring businesses back to the mall.”

So if you’re looking for gifts on your list this year, Iron rangers! Shop local, and spread holiday cheer.

Crowe explains, “If we don’t shop local and we don’t support local, we’re not supporting our community . We’ve got all of these workers that need to keep their job or get jobs for Christmas that just won’t be there if we don’t shop locally.”

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