Superior Police Department Experiencing a Shortage of Officers

Applications are now open on the City of Superior's website

The Superior Police Department now has a shortage when it comes to patrol officers.

The department is at full strength when there are 57 patrol officers but right now the department only has 55 officers on the job. Of those 55, four are in training and not active. This means the net shortage is at 6 officers.

Chief Nicholas Alexander says being understaffed like this is not acceptable.

Alexander said, “Being six down right now, we struggle to be able to fill the shifts. Officers can voluntarily take over time shifts but we are at the point where we have filled 200 shifts by forcing them to work it.”

The Chief knows not being fully staffed with officers can affect both safety and convenience for the entire department and city.

Alexander said, “With the number of ambush attacks and officers killed, it is important to have well rested officers and not fatigued officers out there.”

The application period for patrol officers opened up yesterday on the City of Superior website and will remain open for one month.

The goal is to fill vacant positions as soon as possible so current officers are not working as much overtime.

If you are interested you can apply online and then there will be a written test, an oral interview and a physical test.

Click on the link for the application.

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