Mills to Pay Over $100,000 for Requested Recount

The republican says the close race merits a closer look

Republican Stewart Mills says he’s pressing on with a costly recount in Minnesota’s eighth congressional district.

Incumbent democrat Rick Nolan edged Mills by just two 2,009 votes, just over half a percent.

The Secretary of State’s office estimates that Mills’ requested recount will cost more than $102,000.

Mills says he’s willing to pay for the recount because the close race merits a finer look.

Meanwhile, officials in St. Louis County, which makes up 31 percent of the ballots cast, are making preparations for the recount.

Ten staff members from the county auditor’s office will spend four days hand-counting nearly 112,000 ballots.

“We don’t anticipate any changes,” says St. Louis County election supervisor Phil chapman. “Typically in a recount there’s some adjustment both ways so it’s probably going to be a wash.”

The recount is expected to start December 5th at the St. Louis County Courthouse and is open to the public.

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s office only gives counties four days to submit their final recount numbers.

Back in 2008, the tight senate race in Minnesota between Al Franken and Norm Coleman was overturned by a mandatory recount.

Franken trailed Coleman by 215 votes after the election, but was later announced the winner after the recount found nearly a thousand rejected absentee ballots.

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