Duluthian Heads To Standing Rock For 4th Time

Plans To Act As Human Shield

Tensions remain high in Standing Rock North Dakota as law enforcement continues the need to use force against protesters.

Although video showing the violence has spread across the country, that isn’t keeping one Northlander from returning.

Shawn Carr, of Duluth, has stood on the front lines three different times in the recent months. When he arrives this Saturday it will make it his 4th.

Shawn has been excepting interesting donations lately. Things like sheets of ply wood to make shields, shoulder pads, baseball helmets, and a paint ball protective vest.

“Our job is to stand there and take what they throw at us. In all the emails that i got they say do not retaliate, do not engage them do not swear at them, do not call them names. Just stand your ground,” says Carr.

During his third visit he says he was involved in an incident where tear gas was thrown near him.  But even so, Carr wants civility.

” I’ve said it before, we don’t want any harm to come to law enforcement, we don’t want any harm to come to anybody, we realize that law enforcement is just out there doing their job,” says Carr.

Carr says he and thousands of other veterans will be heading to Standing Rock at the same time to act as human shields for those who say they are protecting the water.

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