Governor Walker discusses issues with mayor of Ashland

Discussions include water protection and transportation

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a stop in Ashland today to meet with its mayor, as part of his listening tour session.

Among the issues discussed in the private meeting included items related to transportation funding and water protection.

Currently the community’s rail link is in dire straits.

Due to the storms over the summer, it was closed due to damages its sustained which has had a lasting effect on Ashland’s economy.

Water protection was another top issue.

“Ashland on the Chequamegon Bay, with the center of Lake Superior, our life and our lifestyle is defined by the lake and we are protective of any threats to it,” said Ashland Mayor Debra Lewis.

No matter what happened in the discussions, Mayor Lewis feels that they help the community feel more connected to the entire state.

“I think it’s really important to help us feel part of the state,” she said. “Sometimes we live way up here and feel a little disconnected from Madison. It really helps.”

Governor Walker had previously visited Ashland during the summer months after the July storms.

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