Habitat for Humanity Building New Home in Superior

Finishing the Foundation for a New Home

Habitat for Humanity is up and running on its first project in years in Superior.

A crew of contractors and volunteers has started putting the finishing touches on the slab for a new 1000-square-foot home on N. 7th Street in Superior.

It’s been six years since the Habitat for Humanity in Superior has started a project for a new home.

Those working say they already feel an emotional connection to the project, and to the family that will eventually call this place home.

“[These masons are] not making their regular earning today, but they’re getting it in the reward from making a family a new home here in Superior,” said construction manager Jonathan Fay.

Fay says he feels connected to the project as well, and can’t wait for the feeling he’ll have when handing the new home off to its eventual family.

“I do feel an overwhelming emotion when you see the people and how much they appreciate it, and how much richer they are in their lives for having an approved home, something they feel comfortable in,” Fay said.

Project leaders hope to have the frame sealed and weatherized before Christmas, and hoping to finish the project sometime in the spring.

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