Christmas Tree Farm Donates Trees to Military Families

The Farm is Donating Around 100 Trees This Year

Jim Whorton, Owner of Chub Lake Tree Farm, has been helping Military families get Christmas trees for more than 10 years.

It’s part of Trees and Troops, a program that donates trees to families of deployed service women and men.

“It isn’t always the guy that is the soldier over seas,” said Whorton. “Mothers serve in that role too, but at least there’s some part of a family that’s still home, and they need that help over Christmas season.”

Tree farms across the nation participate in the national effort, and FedEx delivers the trees to around 65 different military bases.

“There have been over 175,00 trees donated to needy families in the military, since the program started ten years ago,” explained Whorton.

The farm is helping donate around 75 to 100 trees to military families.

“This year trees from here are going to MacDill Air force base in Tampa Florida,” said Whorton.

While the farm donates some of the trees, customers also help out by purchasing trees to donate. And as the trees are donated, members of a local national guard unit, help tag and load the trees into Fed Ex trucks to be delivered to the family.

“We just take time on one of our drill weekends, come out here, show our faces, cause this is the community that we serve and we work in,” said Sgt. Brett Jelinek.

It’s a cause that resonates with many of them on a personal level, and for Whorton, knowing the difference having a Christmas tree can make this holiday season for the families, makes the hard work worth it.

“I was military myself when I was younger, and we’ve always had a soft spot in our heart for that I think and it was a charity that came along that fit in with what we do,” said Whorton.

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