Firewood Sellers Busy for Winter

Northlanders rush to buy firewood to keep warm in the cold

Winter is here and Northlanders are stocking up on firewood to keep them warm in the cold weather.

Firewood sellers are busy as people rush to buy dry wood to heat homes and build bonfires.

It typically takes about two years to dry wood naturally so people in need have to buy seasoned, ready to burn wood from local businesses like Stoked Firewood in Superior.

“Definitely with the cold temperatures coming and the snow, the procrastinators that didn’t purchase firewood in the fall or summer are calling, says Tony Ciardelli, owner and founder of Stoked Firewood. “You can call us and we’ll deliver a basket like this. We can deliver a face cord, a full cord and it’s not too late to get firewood.”

A cord is four by four by eight feet of cut wood. It takes about two to three cords to heat an average home for the winter.

You can contact Stoked Firewood online at

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