Northlanders Celebrate National Mining Day

National Mining Day Celebrates Miners Around the Country

National Miners Day salutes the men and women who have chosen the occupation of mining.

For many in this industry, mining isn’t so much an occupation as it is a passion.

Mike Dahl is a student at Mesabi Community College and he is one of many people who recently went back to school after being laid off from working in an Iron Range mine.

Losing his mining job was a tough break, but it didn’t diminish his dream to remain in that field.

Dahl said, “I was sad when I got laid off but I’m happy to be here and for the state of Minnesota to help us, I just think that’s a great thing.”

The state of Minnesota is paying for Dahl, and other dislocated workers, to go back to school and these students believe the future of mining is very bright.

Dahl said, “I see the mines coming back and I see them being strong again. There is just too much at stake not to be.”

Thousands of miners today extract nearly 100 different kinds of minerals from the earth, including coal, gold, copper and silver. This makes mining essential for many everyday items.

Joe Fredrickson, an Electrician at United Taconite, said “It’s nice that they set a day to recognize what mining means to the world and to our local community and it’s the driving force up here on the Iron Range.”

National Miners day has been designated by congress to happen every year on December 6th.

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