Winter Motorcycle Riding

Some die-hard bikers enjoy riding all year

Another way people get outdoors regardless of the weather is by riding motorcycles.

While the activity isn’t as common as in the summer, some die-hard bikers ride year-round.

But as treacherous as Minnesota roads can be in a car, they are even more dangerous on a motorcycle.

So riding a bike on icy or snow covered roads is not recommended by one Duluth biker.

“There are people that do that sort of thing but you’ve got to pick and choose your days because there’s some days you can barely ride in a car in Duluth, let alone a motorcycle. It’s the nature of Minnesota,” says “Turtle” Gilliam, owner of Hog Pen Motorcycle Shop in Duluth. “The average person wouldn’t be able to handle it. They’d be upside down again. It would be a precarious situation.”

He also warns against being too eager to bring the bike out for spring and says to wait for the ice to go away.

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