Shipping Season Update

The Twin Ports' 2016 shipping season will soon come to an end

The shipping season will soon come to and end in the Twin Ports and authorities say they have seen encouraging growth in shipping this year.

Iron ore shipments are up 6 percent from this point last year.

Grain shipping is up 24 percent.

While ships won’t be out on the lake during the dormant period this winter, the Duluth Seaway Port Authority says the shipping season never really ends.

“The economic impact for the port of Duluth/Superior is huge. It is a 12 month season even though those 10 weeks, the shops that are here are getting worked on, but those paychecks are still going to that wonderful and skilled workforce,” says Adele Yorde, public relations director for the Port Authority.

The last salty of the season will likely leave Duluth around December 19th. Lakers will continue shipping into January.

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