Superior Veteran Remembers Pearl Harbor

John Kanzler served in World War II and enlisted three years after the Pearl Harbor attack.

John Kanzler of Superior was only fourteen at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor and remembers hearing about it on the radio.

Three years later, Kanzler would enlist and join the war efforts in the Pacific.

He recalled seeing the Pearl Harbor site at least five or six times.

“A lady asked me one time do you have any heroes? And I said yeah I got a lot of heroes and she said tell me to name a few of them and I said I can’t give you any names, but I can tell you every boy and girl that did not come home with me at the end of the war is my hero and there’s a lot of them out there,” said Kanzler.

Kanzler witnessed the end of the war and the signing of the peace treaty between the United States and Japan.

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